About us

By ellen • • 28 Jun 2012

Welcome to our website!

We, Boudewijn, Johan and Luc, are 3 brothers that share the same passion: nature photography. Because we want to share this hobby with each other and others, we decided to create this website.

We grew up in a big family of 10 children, so we grew to see and use each other’s competences. So now and then, we ask for help from one of our other brothers Geert, a birdwatcher, to recognize a rarely seen and photographed bird. Other family members, on their part, help us translating our texts. Thanks!

We choose to photograph in the wild. Often we shoot pictures of our own green surroundings. These are smaller, but interesting biotopes in ‘het pajottenland’. But we also enjoy hikes in other natural areas in Flanders, Belgium and even in other countries.

To get out, observe from a shelter, wait patiently,… it’s all essential to take that perfect shot. Luck, coincidence, but also preparation and experience play an important role to make your trip worthwhile. When we are out in the wild, it’s nice that we all use different angles and techniques. That way we all learn from each other. Being in the same area, very close but yet on other locations, enables us to photograph the same things from another point of view. This enhances the diversity and the chance for a good picture.

Take all this and mix it with humor, the challenging feeling and a bit of tolerance and you have to understand why we enjoy this so much.

Our love for nature is something we inherited from our grandfather and father who were both passionate about nature and birds in particular. By playing outdoors a lot during our childhood and by going on nature vacations, our parents planted the seeds for our current hobby. Our interest in photography itself is something that started later on, for some of us a little earlier than for others. We do not only share the same passion, but we also use the same type of material; Nikon gear.

We hope that this website, by admiring all that ‘mother nature’ gave us, can startle you. Hopefully, we all keep taking care of its wonders.

Thanks for visiting us.